Surfing has often been viewed as a sport for territorial coastal residents, or hard-core extreme sports fanatics.

Whenever we think of big waves and beaches, we think of tanned, muscular bodies, covered in tattoos and battle scars.

But the truth is, that image is not a true reflection of the sport of surfing.

Surfing is in fact far from the hardcore image society makes it out to be.

Surfing is actually an historic sport that has evolved through an enormous amount of culture.

But as well as it being a great and enjoyable pastime, it is also a great way to keep fit and healthy.

Like all water sports, surfing requires a great lung capacity and strong swimming skills.

While on a surfboard you will have to have a good level of fitness to keep up with the constantly breaking waves, and to have the ability to remain under water for long periods of time without panicking.

But, one of the best things about the sport and one thing that makes it more appealing to the older ages, is that it’s actually allow impact sport, and easy on your body.

Sure, if you go for the extreme, big-breaking waves, you will find out the hard way that it can often be a dangerous sport, but if your stick to the sand breaks, and medium size swells, it is relatively safe and carries little toll on your body.

It is no wonder we often see people aged well past their fifties heading out for surfs every day. The sport is great for fitness, extremely enjoyable and has few consequences if you use your brain.

So, if you are keen to pick u the pastime, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

Almost every coastal town will have a surfboard shop that hires out boards, and there are usually a few surf schools down there to teach you the basics.


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