Top 5 detox retreats in Victoria

The human body is a reservoir of good and bad substances. And as much as we aim for a healthy body, we are continuously exposed to harmful chemicals and poisons from the environment. Unfortunately, we are mindless of what hazards enter our body daily from what we breathe, eat and drink. That is why detoxification is important to maintain an optimum health status.

The process of detoxification pertains to the removal of toxins in the body particularly from the colon. In this way, there is better nutrient absorption and waste elimination. But as long as there is life, toxins are constantly produced by living organisms and cells in the body. If they are not eliminated, the body’s normal functioning is hindered. Therefore, it is important to detoxify regularly. Our body is sacred and special, and so, it’s imperative that we submit it to the care of only the best establishments that cater detox retreats.

Here’s a list of the top 5 best detox retreats in Victoria:

1.       Seascape Ocean Grove health retreat

Programs offered in Seascape will surely be your sanctuary as you escape from your unhealthy lifestyle. The exclusive and fully facilitated 5 day Cleanse and Rejuvenation programs are the retreat’s specialty. The rates of the programs are fully inclusive and so when you get there, you need not worry about your bill. It is a great way to renew your self and start anew with a healthy life this time around!


2.       Akasha Retreat Center

Just an hour drive away from Melbourne, you will find this haven between Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula at the territory of Upper Baconsfield. Apart from it being a center for health and wellness, it also serves as a spiritual retreat house and a perfect place for a getaway. They offer various services and amenities like yoga, Reiki, massage, healthy diet, far infrared sauna and meditation to allow your body and self for rejuvenation, serenity and reconnection to the Source of your being.


3.       Gawler foundation

The technique used by Gawler Foundation involves the mind, emotions, body and spirit. Altogether, this offers the best possible instruction to enhance health and well-being through the use of self-help techniques and other holistic approaches of healing. Many patients and families can attest to the effectiveness of their services of cancer support, disease prevention, meditation programs and healthy lifestyle.


4.       Highwood Health Retreat

They offer various programs which are guaranteed to have a 90%-100% success rate. Among their services are the 11 day Nedley Depression Recovery Program that helps you understand and control your mood through various techniques of healthy dieting, cognitive behavioral therapy, hydrotherapy, massage treatments, etc. All of these are geared to achieve good mental health.

5.       Kangaroo Health Island Retreat

Reward yourself with one of the world’s best retreats as voted by Harpers Abroad. In this island getaway you can combine vacation and rejuvenation. The programs last for 5 days. People with communicable diseases and Anorexia are not advised to undergo the programs they offer.

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