Top 5 Zumba Classes in Brisbane

There are many teams of certified Zumba Instructors that you can find in Brisbane. They offer Zumba classes for beginners through to experienced dancers. You need not be familiar with the Latin Dance to join their program. Your skill and knowledge in this fitness routine will naturally be enhanced once you regularly attend Zumba classes.

Here are some top-rating teams that provide quality Zumba classes in Brisbane:

1. VIDA LATINA DANCE CO. – One of the well-renowned Zumba dance fitness provider in Brisbane. The company offers 35 Zumba classes in 15 different locations in Brisbane. Anyone who wants to burn up to 1000 calories can attend their Zumba sessions for as low as $9.

2. JILL’S JIVE- Coupled with good company and great facilities, this fitness club will surely give you the most out of your money, time and effort. Jill’s Jive started as a family last 1997. It is located at the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane near the Melton Rd. in between the Nundah and Northgate train stations. They offer Zumba lessons every Mondays and Wednesday at a rate of $12 per session or $100 for 10 sessions.

3. GROOVE DANCE ACADEMY- Add some twist into your dates by availing a Zumba class from one of the well known one-stop shop partner dancing studio in Brisbane. Indeed, this is a unique and romantic way to stay healthy and fit for you and your loved one!

4. RIO RHYTMICS (LATIN DANCE ACADEMY) – The largest and most comprehensive latin dance school in Australia is found at the West End of Brisbane is providing their students with Zumba dance courses. Their certified and passionate Zumba instructors will get your heart pumping and dance fitness improving when you enroll in their 45-minute classes. This routine is good for dancers and non-dancers alike.

5. DANCEVOLUTION- Is composed of instructors who not only love to dance but most of all love to teach others how to dance. They offer group and private lessons on Zumba fitness classes and other Latin American and contemporary styles of dance sports. They conduct sessions at Perry’s Dance Academy and St. Paul’s Uniting church. Check their website for details:

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