Top 5 Zumba Classes in Melbourne

Party while shedding off some excess calories and fats in your body using the latest aerobic dance craze, the Zumba! Accompanied by lively soundtracks, this routine work-out is infused with a combination of Latin and hip-hop dance moves. It’s a timeless exercise that young and old alike will surely enjoy.

Here are our top 5 Zumba classes in Melbourne:

1. DANZFIT- Claims to be the home of Melbourne Zumba, this fitness club is the largest Zumba business in Melbourne. The company has focused on specializing the Zumba Fitness and now caters Zumba students from areas in Bundoora, Abbotsford, Essendon, Prahran, East Doncaster and Wantirna.

2. ZUMBA UNITED- Party towards fitness with their professional and entertaining instructors for an additional $10 per class. Their schedule provides you with 24 classes that you can choose from. They also provide Zumba classes for children and private events. Check their website at for more details regarding their services and promos.

3. FERNWOOD FITNESS- There are 22 Fernwood gyms that you can find in Melbourne and each has its own pumped up versions of the Zumba dance. Come on board with the other gym-goers and experience a new and exciting way to stay in shape.

4. ZUMBA WITH KEREN- For just $10, you can avail of 24 Zumba classes in a week with Keren. There are no commitments and you need not reserve your slots in advance. With the skills combination of an Aerobic Instructor and Personal Trainer, Keren will surely get you hooked with her effective and safe workout.

5. CURVES- Curves is a gym and health haven for women. With its high-end work-out facilities and effective weight loss programs, Zumba is an additional member of their powerful line-up of fitness services.


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