Top 5 Zumba Classes in Sydney

Depending on your location in Sydney, you can almost find a Zumba class held nearby. Enthusiasts of Zumba in Sydney have formed different groups to provide Zumba trainings to individuals who love to get toned while dancing. Contact them and they will organize Zumba classes at their designated areas in Sydney.

Here is a list of centers that offer top-rated Zumba Classes in Sydney:

1. Zumba Fitness- This center was founded by Diana last April 2010. Their headquarters is located at New South Wales. But wherever you may be in Sydney, whether in the North, East or West, there are packages that you can avail of depending on your requirements and budget. You can inquire about their services online at

2. Zumba Alegria- Also located at New South Wales, is managed by a licensed member of the Zumba Instructor Network. There are different class schedules that you can choose from. You need to book your classes in advance to control the number of students in each session. Contact the instructor via email at

3. Natalie Anne Beck- She’s not only a professional dance instructor but a good Zumba teacher as well! She and her team offer Zumba classes held at Wetherill Park or Castle Hill Dance Studio. A single class costs $15. But if you avail of the 10 pack classes, you’ll only pay for $100. Book your lessons now and sway your way to fitness and health.

4. Sydney Zumba Fitness- classes are held weekly at Fitness First Gyms in Boni Junction, Darlinghurst, King Cross, Neutral Bay and Sydney CBD. The program is conducted by qualified Zumba Instructors and utilizes salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton and other international rhythms that truly make the exercise exciting and fun-filled. Contact them to arrange a Zumba fitness class at your local gym. Personal training sessions are also offered regularly by Kib Fitness, sponsor of Sydney Zumba Fitness.

5. V-club- the perfect gym for the best workouts for an affordable price. Aside from Zumba classes, it also offers other fun fitness programs like Exotic dance, Hot Yoga, Pilates, Contemporary dance, cardio circuit and many more!

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