Using the cable machine

How often do you see the cable machine being used at your gym? Probably not often enough.

While many head straight for the free weights or other machines, they are unfortunately missing out on the ROM (range of movement) benefits the cable machine has to offer.

The real strength of the cable machine is the inherent dynamism that it can bring to your workout. The movements you do on this machine simulate real-life or sporting movements and demand your body to use stabilising muscles for support.

This means you will not isolate your muscles, so you will get a more rounded workout and will be less at risk of injury.

Many people are hesitant to use the cable machine at first, because it doesn’t have the reputation of being a standard workout tool.

However, if you are after serious results then you should not discount it.

Speak to a qualified gym instructor about cable machine exercises and check it out for yourself.

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