Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics is a great way not only to keep fit, but also to improve your core strength and take that much needed pressure of your lower back.

Back pain is a common thing for most people as they get older and it is essential that we work on our core strength to ensure this is not too severe later in life.

The good thing about water aerobics is that your are completely weightless when in the water, so it is automatically low impact and makes it ideal for increasing lower body strength, power and agility.

Some of the basic exercises you will perform in a class range from power jumps, where you push of the bottom of the pool and thrust into the air, to basic water hovering where you tread water without touching the ground for certain time frames.

It is also common to jog on the spot, sidestep, and to perform a combination of martial art type maneuvers under the water.

All exercises are usually performed just above waist deep water, with your underarms only just exposed.

Anyone can benefit from water aerobics, including people with arthritis, pregnant women, and those with knee problems.

It is perfect for anyone with join problem and issues with walking and allows them to keep fit, pain free.

As well as a fitness exercise, water aerobics is also being used more so these days as a great way to burn calories, as it can be high intensity for long periods of time.

It is common to wear runners in the pool while doing the exercises and by all means wear a t-shirt if it makes you feel more comfortable.

And before you quickly dismiss it as a grandparent sport and something that only retired people do, think again.

Water aerobics has been increasingly popular with young people and with the low impact and lack of side effects it will continue to grow in popularity.

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