Lemon Detox Diet

Weight loss can be achieved in many ways, with many theories and in many practices.
While some work, others do not, and we have to remember to keep an open mind when trying to achieve results.
Dieting is usually the key to all theories of weight loss, and the simple idea of burning more calories than you eat can never be overlooked.
But one diet that is often overlooked for its weight loss success is the detox diet.
Detox diets are usually undertaken by someone who wants to cleanse themselves from the many unwanted toxins and bacteria they have digested recently.
A detox diet works on the principal of limiting the amount of foods that enter your body, and ensuring only those that can be digested very quick be consumed.
Generally speaking, detox diets consist of a type of soup, so in effect they are usually based on a liquid diet so that there is no pressure on out vital organs for at least a few days.
With the amount of chemicals we digest every day, we often feel lethargic, tired and lacking energy. A detox diet is supposed to eliminate these feelings by ridding you of any unwanted drugs inside your body that work to our detriment.
So, what can I have during a detox diet??
One o the most popular detox’s, is the Lemon Detox Diet.
?AS the name suggests, it is highly based around the consumption of lemon and similar related foods.
During this diet, a detox drink is made, consisting of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, ginger, salt, herbal tea, and natural syrup.
All these ingredients are combined together to give you a liquid form that will keep you replenished with nutrients and give you enough energy to cope with every day life.
As far as weight loss goes, detox diets are one of the most successful and popular for the public.

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