Lots of harm in starving yourself

STARVING yourself to lose weight doesn’t work and simply isn’t healthy for you.

While not eating at all is a complete n0-no, then replacing some of your diet with fruit and fluids is perhaps the better option.

The best way to starve yourself and not feel hungry is to give a lot of stress on fruit and fluids in your diet. Most fruits contain fibres that will help clean up the toxic elements in the stomach and help ease the hunger.   Drink a lot of fluids, specially water, to flush out the system better. Drinking lime and lemon juices without adding sugar (you can add honey instead of sugar) will also work well.

You should also look at eating green leafy vegetables which adds fibre into your diet.

The fact is that if you try to cut your calories too much (via starving yourself and skipping meals) then you’ll quickly reach a dieting “plateau” (a point where the scale refuses to drop any lower no matter how little your are eating).

The average person begins a diet by one day looking in the mirror and seeing that your clothes are tighter than usual or that you look more overweight than normal. Then you get angry with yourself and begin to wonder how you can drop this weight. Or you may see a physical side to your body that you don’t like – such as a bigger stomach, a double chin, baggage on the arms or a bigger bum.

It’s perfectly normal to then to take the instant way to dropping this way which most people like to starve themselves. But a good diet is actually much better than starving yourself. Most people who are overweight usually have dietary problems meaning that they are eating the wrong foods. At least plan what you are going to eat for lunch, breakfast and dinner every day so you know what you are consuming and when. If there are many fatty foods in your diet, replace them with foods that are nutritious.

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