The Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is one of the world’s most popular diets going around.

The basic principal is to eat as much protein as you like, but completely rule out any carbohydrates from what you put into your body.

Slimming World, Weight Watchers and many other diet businesses employ the Atkins diet as their basis for losing fat and trimming down.

All the high protein diets you see advertised in the market today generally stem from this famous way of eating.

Across the world, many people have combated and overcome obesity thanks to the diet that has been around since 1972.

In short, the diet is a system that enables your body to lose weight in a natural way by motivating and creating change in our eating habits and metabolism.

The one interesting thing about the Atkins diet is that it not only promises that you will lose weight without being hungry, but it also guarantees countless health benefits along the way.

Increased heart health and improved memory functioning are some for the common benefits that stem from taking on the diet.

So, what foods can you, and can’t you eat in the Atkins diet??

Well, for starters, anything high in protein is acceptable. Food like eggs, meat, chicken, tuna, fish and tofu are all encouraged.

Foods high in carbohydrates, on the other hand, are not allowed. So pastas, bread and cereals are off limits.

Fruits, and other fast burning carbohydrates can often be allowed, as too nuts and legumes which are high in unsaturated fats.

So in sort, the Atkins diet is all about protein and very little else.

Now, when you body has such high protein, it feeds your muscles but also burns fat, so it is perfect for losing weight.

But there are many other reasons why people take up the Atkins diet.

As well as the many health benefits it has, including lowering cholesterol and helping diabetes, it also is proved to make people feel more energetic after just one week of being on the diet.

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