Why is Zumba so popular?

What makes this new trend of fitness so popular among health enthusiasts? How effective is this exercise in keeping your body in shape and healthy? Zumba turns the usual exercise routine into an exciting and dynamic fitness program with the fusion of dancing in the tunes of international and Latin rhythms. The steps are very easy to learn that even non-dancers will effortlessly sway into the music and routine. It is one of the easiest ways to tone your body and sustain that perfect shape. That is why Zumba DVDs and programs are very popular in the fitness business nowadays.

An hour of calorie burning and heart pumping moves provide followers of this workout long-term health benefits that will keep you hooked and coming back for more. The entire body is toned with the use of interval and resistance training. The abs, arms, gluts, legs and heart are the areas to which this exercise is focused on. Aside from its physical effects, it is also a new way of relaxing the mind and soul.

Zumba fitness is an exercise routine that suits all ages. Kids, adults and senior citizens alike will surely find it an exhilarating way to be healthy and stay healthy. People are often afraid to try Zumba because of the thought that it is a fast paced exercise. But there are different levels of Zumba that will be tailor fitted to go with your needs. For starters, you can take it slow with Zumba gold. For the moderate level is the Zumba Basic while an intense workout is classified to the Zumba toning.

The dance steps introduced to Zumba followers vary from instructor to instructor. But basically, simple steps from Latin dances of cha-cha, meringue, flamenco, mambo and salsa accompanied by International dance moves of belly dancing and hip-hop comprise every routine of this work-out. Once you start doing the Zumba fitness program, you’ll not notice how much you have moved and exercised your body since you’ll get hooked on the fun and enjoyment you feel while exercising and learning how to dance.

Try out Zumba fitness at your local gym or DVDs and zoom your way to health and happiness!

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