The best herbs you may not have tried

Herbal medicine is a rising trend in the field of medicine nowadays. Medical Practitioners invest in research to discover the health potentials of some plants. This is a major breakthrough in the aspect of medicine and health since herbal medicines can be a good alternative to the synthetic ones. Aside from it being natural, it can also be some herb that is readily available in the garden or market and is practically cheaper compared to the manufactured drugs. Although there are already several herbs that are out in the market, there are still herbs that have not been popularized. Examples of which are:

1. Damiana herb- The herb is made into a supplement since it is rarely found in food. Many people have already tried this herb but the people who haven’t still out numbers them. What makes this herb beneficial is its ability as a natural aphrodisiac for females and males. Apart from that, this herb can also treat some menstrual problems and anxieties. Other users also claim that the herb has helped them in controlling their blood pressure and lose weight. But apparently, the Damiana herb is still subject to further study and research.

2. Chinese Herbs- These herbs are a wonder. Traditional Chinese medicine has been effective in combating any disease and ill condition that you can think of. From the common cold to some of the health problems of aging, you name it and there is an equivalent Chinese herb for its treatment. There are some studies that even show how Chinese herbs are more effective compare to other synthetic medicines in curing illnesses like malaria.

3. Orange blossoms- You have never thought that this fruit can do some medicinal wonders. The orange blossom is considered safe and effective in calming the nerves to promote sedation.

4. Anise seeds- More than its culinary uses are the health benefits it brings to its users. Some of natural properties of Anise Seeds are its ability to be used as an aphrodisiac, abortifacient, antibacterial and stimulant. Apart from the seed, its essential oils have also been used to commonly treat colds, nasal congestion, sinusitis, indigestion, scabies and for pet care and aromatherapy.

Many herbs out there are actually “gems” for their beneficial contribution to our health and well-being. Unfortunately, many still needs more research and promotion for it to be widely used by individuals.


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