5 Ways to Stay Motivated for a Workout

You have been going to the gym everyday now to lose that extra flab but it is just not showing the results you want to see! You are naturally frustrated with your workout and tired of running on the treadmill because you are not getting what you desire out of your regime. Giving up is not an option. So, what you need is motivation to maintain the regularity of your workout!  

The most common reason to give up exercise is not losing weight or not getting the desired results. This leads to laziness and erratic workout schedules. You need to find the best way to keep yourself motivated to run that extra mile so that you can be regular for your daily workout. Here are five ways you can use to keep yourself pumped up and not avoid your gym schedule:

  1. Set Realistic Goals: Set weekly goals, but realistic ones. If you are working out just once a week, make it a point to go twice this week and then thrice the next week and so on. Try and mark your days on the calendar so that you know when you went last and when you have to go next. This way, you can reach your target quite easily without adding unwarranted frustration to your life.


  1. Reward yourself: Once you fulfill you weekly goals, make sure you gift yourself something you like. For instance, a healthy dinner at your favorite place down the wharf should do the trick. Another good way of keeping yourself motivated is, buying new workout clothes, like the t-shirt that never fit you last year. In this way, you would know that your workouts are working.


  1. Change your Workout: Once you have regularized your workout, don’t get stuck up with the same exercise regime. Change is always good. Challenge you body by changing your cardio days with running outdoors along the beach. Try some variations by doing Pilates or yoga or even aerobics.


  1. Get an exercise buddy: The thought of getting out of the house to go and sweat in the gym ‘alone’ is very distressing. Rope in a friend from your neighbourhood or a colleague for your workout. Also, if one of you is lazy to get up for your workout, the other one easily motivates the other to get up and run to the gym. Make sure you don’t get work to the workout; the workout can get very stressful then!


  1. Get out of the gym, go Outdoors! If you feel that the gym is the only place you can lose weight, then you are totally wrong. After a point you may not be motivated to go and just run on the treadmill for 20 minutes. At such a point in your exercise life, go outside your workout place. Even an hour of sports like tennis, daily, gives enough cardio and strength workout. Trekking on weekends is a great getaway and a great workout! 


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