A possible radical change in the UK’s diet

ORGANIC food is the best way to curb global warming, heart disease, diabetes and cancer according to a  report in the UK’s Daily Mail.

The Mail suggests that the traditional Sunday lunch could become a thing of the past under plans by key Government green advisors to slash Britain’s meat, cheese and milk consumption.

 A hard hitting report by the Sustainable Development Commission is calling for a ‘radical change’ in the UK’s diet to prevent dangerous global warming and tackle heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The study says Britons need to eat less meat and dairy produce, cut down on junk food and reduce the amount of waste they throw into bins.

The food and drink industry has reacted angrily to the report – claiming that the livelihoods of tens of thousands of farmers would suffer if consumers switched away from meat and dairy.

Fruit and vegetables are now on the menu along with eating fish from sustainable sources, buying more organic food and drinking more tap water instead of bottled water.

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