A unique flavour of the Himalayas

IT’S amazing how a berry can have an such an affect on people.

It’s called the Goji berry which is unique and comes from the Himalayas. And that helps make the incredible GoChi juice which has taken the world by storm.

It has appeared on some shows such as Oprah Winfrey, Time Magazine, BBC news magazine and The Today Show.

The goji berry has been revered throughout Asia for its ability to provide wellbeing and balance the body’s energies.

It makes you feel better; more energised of a morning. It makes you feel healthier and is the perfect balance of important nutrients.

It also helps the following health conditions:




Cancer prevention, Cancer treatment, Inhibition of tumor growth, Reduction of the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation, DNA restoration and repair, Improvement in immune response, Treatment of bone marrow deficiency, Improvement in lymphocyte count, Activation of anti-inflammatory enzymes, Inhibition of lipid peroxidation, Treatment of weakened digestion, Rejuvenation of blood.

It has also helped the skin with many saying their acne has cleared up after consistent use for just two weeks.

It has also helped many other health conditions and become a regular part of some modern society.

Freelife offer this product and send out four one litre bottles for around $200.

These will last you more than a month after taking shots of around 30ml when you get up in the morning, just before lunch and just before you go to bed.

This will keep you active and help your concentration levels throughout the day.

You will feel more energised with the GoChi Juice.

If you are looking to try this fantastic GoCi Juice, email: brent@brentdiamond.com.au and check the products out on www.freelife.com

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