Complementary asthma treatments

There are differing severities of asthma and some people find the condition very hard to shake.

For some it is only a minor inconvenience, but for others it is a lifelong struggle.

If you have asthma you will no doubt have spoken to your doctor about it and arranged suitable medication.

However, if you are determined to do everything you possibly can to get on top of the condition, there are some complementary treatments that you could employ in addition to your medication.


While no studies have recorded long-term asthma benefits from acupuncture, short-term relief has been documented. This therapy is more effective for people who get asthma triggered by allergens.


Using the breath in time with body movements, yoga encourages oneness of body and mind and can help in several ways. Firstly, it relaxes the body so is helpful to people who suffer asthma attacks when stressed. Secondly, it encourages you to open up your breathing pathways and helps this way.


Professional manipulation of the spine is intended to realign your body into its most efficient position. There has been some research that suggests that appropriate chiropractic treatment can increase lung capacity and airway circulation.

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