Cure to shaving rashes

A CREAM that is only available over the counter at a pharmacy could be the answer to your shaving problems.

Shaving rashes can affect everyone, particularly those who shave everyday and those with sensitive skin.

It can have a huge affect on the overall appearance of your skin if you are constantly shaving and infuriating those skin cells.

A cream called Cortic can help erradicate and ease the redness of these red rashes.

But the important rule is to only apply a small amount to the affected area because too much can lead to scarring.

It’s a very strong cream which is why it can only be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy.

Cortic is also good for other rashes or red spots on the face. Many people who suffer skin conditions, particularly on the face, use Cortic cream to tone down the effect of it.

Cortic doesn’t eradicate the problem straight away but it does help ease the pain or itchiness.

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