Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

Eating food that you crave is not harmful. But, binging on it is unhealthy and unacceptable. Most of the food that you crave is not ideal for a healthy diet but when you consume small quantities, you allow yourself to enjoy the guilty pleasures of life and not harm your body in the process.

You crave certain kinds of foods because your mind tells you so. Thus, if you learn to keep a control on your thoughts and desires, there is a good chance for you to let those cravings die a natural death.

To help people live a healthier life, many dieticians, nutritionists and cooks have introduced foods that can be healthy substitutes for delicious yet dangerous foods.


  • Milk and milk products are an indispensable component of human diet. Many people crave ice-cream, chocolate and other fatty dairy products. These can be replaced with fruit sorbets, low cal chocolates etc which taste similar but do not add the calories to your daily cal count. Cheese is another dairy product which people indulge in. Buying a healthier alternative is always a good option.


  • Some folks may believe that their daily meat intake cannot be swapped with anything. Regular meat eaters should try and reduce their meat intake or replace their share of white meat with red meat, which is healthier for the body. It helps purify the blood and also keeps the protein levels high. Adding seafood delicacies to the diet plan is also another healthier alternative. Fish like sushi or even salmon are better options since they have more protein content as compared to red or white meat.


  • Pastas, pizzas and burgers are common foods when it comes to getting a quick meal. To minimize the after-effects of eating pastas, one should be careful in adding cheese (maximum calories come from the cheese). Also, adding extra vegetables to the pasta makes it healthier and enjoyable. Same goes with pizzas. Avoiding mayonnaise in the burger will not only make it healthier but also allow you to eat what you desire.


  • For the people with a sweet tooth, products like cakes, donuts, sweet croissants are unavoidable. But with little changes and replacements, you can cut down the unhealthy ingredients. If eating slice cakes or chocolate pastries is a regular affair, substitute chocolate with gingerbread cakes or a simple sponge cake. Eat regular donuts instead of the ones with gooey chocolate; it will reduce a lot of unhealthy calories. Or, replace donuts with English bagels which are not made out of refined flour but out of whole wheat. Chocolate Cookies can make way for graham crackers or oatmeal cookies.


  • Chocolates cannot be substituted. We all know that. But, we can take certain precautions to avoid adding those calories. One can eat dark chocolates rather than sticking to milk chocolates or regular ones. Dark chocolates contain high levels of magnesium, a chemical that the body craves in chocolate. The best substitutes for chocolates are peanuts and dry fruits.


Though one cannot make perfect reductions in ingredients or substitutes for each and every food, one can try and make such food options healthier. Once in a while indulgence is needed, but for everyday satisfaction, one needs to look at replacements and yet enjoy the tempting foods.


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