Am i Fit to Drive??

The issue of elderly people driving cars will always be a talking point within modern society.

For years there have been disputes over weather or not ageing people be allowed to drive cars with deteriorating physical and mental skills.

As we age, we begin to lose our sharp reflexes, our deep memories, and our ability to act on instinct as well as we used to. It’s a part of growing old.

The only problem is that there is no limit to how old one person can be before their license is taken away from them.

In theory, we are legally able to drive until we are 200 years old, if you could reach that milestone!

He reality is that it will probably take some time before any law is put into place where we have to re-sit our license, or where an age cap is et up for drives.

Until then, we can only speak of the dangers that do exist when we get behind the wheel of a car with an ageing mind and body.

Wisdom and intelligence are things most of us will hold onto until the day that we die, but reflexes and awareness both tend to fade away as they yeas move on.

As a driver it is important you are aware of all objects coming from all sides and angles.

You need to be aware of what to do in specific situations, and how to avoid accidents by thinking in advance.

It is not to say that elderly people cannot achieve this, it is only to say it can often be harder to achieve this the older your get.

It is important to ask yourself every time you get behind the wheel, “Am I fit enough to be driving, or am I a hazard to myself and others on the road?”

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