Finding your inner peace

JUST when you thought life was tough enough; the kids, work, married life, financial trouble.

It’s time to calm down, take time out to yourself. Whether you’re a man or a woman, meditation can ease the tension in the mind, body and soul.

Meditation describes a state of concentrated attention on some object of thought or awareness.

It is the art of relaxing your mind by turning the attention inward to a single point of reference and is one of the oldest arts of India.

It is a great to distress or relax and it helps improve concentration.

The easiest way to engage in concentrative meditation is to sit quietly and focus on your breathing.

Relax and count your breaths as you breathe through your nose.

Take deep breaths, hold them and let them out slowly.

This helps you to get oxygen into the lowest portions of your lungs.

There are times when you mind may wander, but you refocus on your breathing to get rid of your thoughts.

You can also focus on an object when meditating or you may want to repeat a phrase or a word which is called mantra meditation in which you can choose to repeat the word or phrase aloud or silently in your head.

There are many meditation places to go around your area. There’s also yoga and pilates sessions. Or massages.

It’s the way to a healthy lifestyle.

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