Foods men should eat in moderation


Years of experience and research indicate that since men and women are different, there are different foods that are beneficial to each of them. In order to maintain good health and wellbeing, there are some food products that men and women should avoid.

Looking at food broadly, there are some categories of food products which should be an absolute no-no for men who want to have a better and healthier life ahead. The following are the categories of food products which have to be listed as ‘better to avoid’ food items:

  •  Fats: Trans-fat and saturated-fat products: A balanced diet should include approved amounts of all food classes including fat. Avoiding fat does not mean that it should be banned from the diet. But, over eating trans-fat and saturated-fat food products is harmful, especially for men. More fat increases weight in the abdominal area. Moreover, men are more likely to put on weight compared to women around the abdomen due to excess fat. To add to the concern, fats serve as a trigger for the most feared chronic illnesses like high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The most common food item with saturated fat is meat. Sausage, pork, chicken meat and turkey should be eaten in minimal quantities. It would be better if men could avoid meat. Excess vegetable oil in fried items like chips and other foods like pastries and cakes are also sources of trans-fat. Men need to avoid these food items to prevent formation of bad cholesterol.

  •  Food containing sodium: Salt is a main ingredient in the food we eat. Though it is often just a ‘pinch of salt’ in each meal, in totality it adds up. Most of the men are prone to high blood pressure due to excess intake of sodium in their diet. Along with high blood pressure, risk of liver dysfunction also is high. Though there may be control of salt in home prepared items, increase in consumption of canned food and preserved food, especially by men, has increased the levels of sodium among them. Thus, canned foods, frozen food, cheese, popcorn, fries and spices especially mustard which contains great amount of sodium should be avoided as much as possible. Men should also stay away from foods like burgers that not only contain saturated fat but also high amount of preservatives.


  •  Soy: All Soy products are high in proteins and have become very common. Women need Soy protein in order to get their hormonal balance right especially in the middle ages. But, men do not require Soy for protein. Soy products do cause hormonal imbalance in men. It can lead to lowering the sperm count and also reduction in the testosterone levels in men. Thus, tofu based food and Soy milk should not be on the food list for men.

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