Foot Odour

Smelly feet, stinky bottoms or just plain old foot odour are a few names to describe the unpleasant aroma coming from ones feet.

The main cause of foot odour is sweat. Simple and easy as that.

Sweat itself is odourless, but it actually creates an environment that allows certain bacterium’s to grow and develop into even worse bad smelling substances.

Bacteria are generally present in our skin, but can multiply if not taken care of.

The usual ways smelly feet occur is as a result of wearing shoes and socks for many hours without adequate air ventilation.

Your feet, like many other pats of your body, need to breathe, and if suppressed they will sweat and produce bacteria that causes unpleasant smells.

Now, every human being is born differently and each foot has a different chance of getting foot odour.

If you have hair on your feet, you will be more susceptible to bad odour, as too if you wear polyesters or nylon socks instead of cotton.

A very effective and cheap way of dealing with the symptoms of smelly feet is with sodium bicarbonate, white salt also known as baking soda, or simply bicarb.

Basically it will create a hostile environment for bacteria o survive and function.

To use effectively it is recommended you throw a few pinches inside and outside of your socks ever day.

It can sometimes take up to two or thee days for the smell of your shoes to totally go away, but eventually it will.

There are many other ways to combat the health problem, but bicarb soda is by far the most effective and cheapest way of dealing with it.

Another effective way of dealing with foot odour is by applying zinc or castor oil on them everyday.

Constant application will eventually eliminate the problem.

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