Sun Smart This Summer

Well, summer is just about to hit the southern hemisphere, and it’s fair to say we all know what we should be doing when we are out in the hot sun.

However, new research suggest otherwise…

An Australian study revealed that more than 80 percent of us is aware of the dangers of skin cancer and sunburn, but don’t do anything about it.

In addition, there was the fact that around about three million Aussies don’t even wear sunscreen while out in the sun.

The reality is, we need a wake up call to remind us of the dangers of our sun.

With the hole in the ozone layer lying just above the Oceania region, the sun damage caused in Australia is much more dangerous than elsewhere in the world.

Cancer can be caused as a result of constant sun exposure, and the scariest fact is that it can occur in places you would never expect them, and are often hard to find and locate.

The message this summer is to constantly slip, slop and slap this summer, and to regularly perform check ups of yourself just to be safe.

If you do happen to find any type of cancer, or spots that look strange and that have not been there before, then contact a doctor.

While it might be good to have a beautiful tan and dark complexion, the dangers that come with it must be acknowledged.

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