Getting a check up

What are the main things that should get looked at in a check up with your doctor?

As time passes more people are learning about the importance of being proactive with their health. This is a good thing, and getting a check up from your doctor is a great place to start.

You can get a good idea about what the doctor will check for by speaking to him or her before the examination, but to give you an idea here are a few of the things that are routinely checked.

Blood pressure

About one in five Australian adults carry high blood pressure, and this number rises to more than one in two in people older than 65. High blood pressure has long been known to contribute to heart disease and strokes.

Cholesterol level

Coronary artery disease can arise in people with a high blood cholesterol level. If the doctor finds you have high cholesterol, you will probably then need to go for more specific tests.

Family history

Some illnesses are hereditary and others just tend to follow families. Diabetes, gout, hayfever, asthma and glaucoma are some examples here. Going through the family history is important because it enables the doctor to keep a special eye out for certain conditions.

Urine testing

Only half of people who are diabetic are aware of their condition. About 3% of the adult population is diabetic. A simple test is for the doctor to look at the level of sugar in your urine. A simultaneous check for protein or blood – which could indicate a kidney or bladder problem – will be carried out.

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