Health checks when your body speaks to you

Recovering from a cold or a mild fever without taking medication indicates your body is capable of curing minor illnesses because it is built to fight infections. But sometimes a mild fever may turn out to be a big one which may be a way for your body to let you know that something is wrong.  You need to pay heed to ‘warning signs’ that your body may show you and thus ensure that you are keeping yourself safe.


Everyday occurrences may also prove to be troublesome if you don’t keep a close watch. Here are some signs you should look out for:


  • Hair fall and dryness: Normal hair fall is common among all women and men. But sometimes there maybe excess hair fall that may go unnoticed. A sudden increase in hair fall is a cause for concern and should be addressed carefully.

There may be various reasons for it like a change in diet which does not suit the person or a change in weather but whatever the cause, a thorough check up is essential to ensure everything is ok.

Even if you take care of your hair in the correct manner, sometimes the hair becomes too dry or too oily. It may just be the weather playing havoc with you or may be a severe case of hormonal imbalance.


  • Eyes: Some people may experience a sudden reddening of the eyes and most of them do not realize the cause. Eyes can become red and dry due to many reasons like extreme consumption of alcohol or even straining the eye in front of the computer for a long time. Reddening of the eye can also be labeled to the same cause. In rare cases, it can be a symptom of cataract. Thus, a delay in visiting an ophthalmologist could prove to be troublesome and must be avoided.


  • Chronic Cough and Cold: Many people who experience cold and cough especially in the mornings ignore it by saying ‘it is normal and happens everyday’. The general cough syrup will not make a difference. This is because generally, the reason for such chronic cold and cough is stress. Rarely, it can be attributed to polluted air and pollens in the air which are more likely to cause asthma. Either way, it is better if one consults the general physician and takes appropriate medicines.


  • Bad Breath: Almost all of us have experienced a ‘bad-breath’ afternoon. Most often, it is because of the garlic or the onion in the food that we’ve consumed. And to cover it up, we’ve always popped in a piece of chewing gum or mint capsules. But, bad breath without any food is an indicator to visit the dentist. Bad breath can mean an unnoticed cavity or plaque planning to damage your teeth.


  • A lot of sleep: Sleeping before regular bed time does not only indicate fatigue but also some lacking nutrition in the body. Taking health supplements do help to stay more active throughout the day but one should also visit the nutritionist to get a proper diet plan. This is also an indication of stress and a lot of brain work. Meditation and yoga can help ease out the stress and ultimately lead to good sleep at the right time.


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