Healthy eating tips for the holiday season

A GOOD balance of exercise and food intake is very important in maintaining a balanced diet.

Adult diets should be low in fate, especially saturated fat.

It is pivotal for all Australians to eat foods which contain iron and calcium.

Of course, you must drink alcohol at a minimum and smoking as well.

A healthy diet for the baby can happen simply from encouraging the baby to breastfeed for the first year of their life.

Don’t let children skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and studies have found those children, who skip breakfast lack nutrition.

A healthy breakfast should involve freshfruit, toast, rolled oats or baked beans on toast.

In summary, calcium and iron are the two most important nutrients in our diet; so find as much food with that in it as possible.

Infants and young children shouldn’t be placed on low fat diets but should be encouraged to have water as their preferred drink.

And children will do better at school and function better if they have breakfast.

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