Help Yourself to Quit Smoking

Every smoker knows that quitting is difficult. It is hard to stop when you are not correctly motivated and when you do not have a strong support system to help you.  Giving up smoking is a gradual process. It requires total dedication and resistance. And ultimately, it depends on the person and his or her will to quit smoking.


Keep the following aspects of quitting in mind before you take the leap:


  • Gradual process: Understand that quitting is a slow process. One cannot give up smoking completely in an instance. Your body and your mind will crave the addiction and when it won’t get what it desires, it will misbehave. Reducing cigarettes from a pack a day to even 3 a day is a big step towards quitting.


  • Keep track:  Quitting will be easier if you make a note of the place and the time at which you smoke. At the end of the day, you will know how many cigarettes have been consumed. If you have the self-will to quit, you will try and reduce the count to see just one or two notes in the diary.


  • Activities triggering smoking: If you identify the situation or activities that lead you to smoke, it will be easier to quit smoking. For example, a person who is working takes a smoke break when he is done with his assignment. If he recognizes this pattern, he shouldn’t leave his work station after finishing his work but he should reward himself with something else, like drinking coffee.



  • Talk to a quitter: A person trying to quit should talk to a person who has quit. This will motivate the person and also ensure that a relapse does not occur in all cases. This will make the person feel more confident and allow him to quit smoking.


  • Reward yourself: Once you have successfully completed your goal to reduce the number of cigarettes or to identify the trigger situation, you should reward yourself with something that you like. For instance, clothes or good food. Similarly, if you have been unable to stick to your goals, you should be fair and penalize yourself. The idea here is to get you into a habit of recognizing what is good or what is bad and then making you work towards mending your ways. This reward and reinforcement method is the best way to understand and keep a track of the progress to quit.


  • Exercise regularly: Exercising and smoking are opposite activities. Increasing exercising and jogging will increase the stamina and will ensure clean and fresh breathing. This will automatically make a person reduce smoking since smoking affects continuous breathing which is essential for consistent jogging or running.


Pushing one’s boundaries is the most important aspect to quit smoking. Along with self motivation, motivation from close ones will increase the possibility of quitting.

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