The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV as it is commonly known as, is by far one of the worlds, it not the worlds biggest and most threatening health issue.

Every now and then a new plague comes through, just like Swine Flu did last year that scares us all and wake the World Health Organization up to just how fragile our live can be.

But then, within a few months, it is over, problem overcome, and death with.

But HIV is a lot different.

For those who don’t know, the virus is one that works on lowering individuals immune system so much that they become susceptible to all sorts of deadly viruses and infections that eventually take your life.

AIDS is the stage referred to when your immune system is so low, you lose you battle and die.

Just to give you an idea just how serious it is I will refer to some facts.

In the world there are more than 30 million people infected with the virus. In Africa alone, there are 28 million. Even more disturbing is the fact that every six seconds someone dies across the world from HIV.

While these figures are shocking, the good thing is that they are slowly getting better.

Over a decade ago, the problem was running rampant in areas like Africa, where very few people knew anything about the problem claiming so many lives in the continent.

Now at least, the world is aware and educated on the issue, with many Western countries contributing generous amounts to help combat HIV.

But, despite all this, there is still hope for those infected with the virus.

While HIV is deadly and can lead to the inevitable, with the right treatment and a healthy lifestyle, all people can live a long and enjoyable life.

If you re able to keep your CD4 high enough, then your body will not reach the AIDS stage and you should live a normal life.

Many famous people have been living perfectly fine with the virus, including basketballer Magic Johnston.

While we need to understand how serious the issue is, we also have to realize that it people with the virus are not a walking disease and that spreading the virus can only be done via blood transfusion, or during pregnancy.

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