How to beat the blues

DEPRESSION is something everyone faces in their lives. It’s just a matter of how much you actually let it affect you.

We’ve thought of some ways to get people back on their feet and living a healthy, energetic lifestyle once again.

You may have just lost your job. You may have just come out of a relationship. You may have just lost a loved one. You may have gone bankrupt. Or you may be feeling sad because you’re partner has gone on holidays without you.

Whatever the reason is you’re feeling blue, this little daily routine will keep you get you off the couch and bouncing around.

1. You should set goals for yourself each day with what you want to achieve.

2. Head to the gym for a 30 minute training session. If not the gym, go for a 30 minute run outside around a scenic area.

3. Pamper yourself in the bathroom and make yourself look good. Some say if you feel good on the outside then that will flow through to the inside and vice versa.

4. Have a big breakfast, go all out as this is the most important meal of the day.

5. Listen to your favourite music. Music is by far under rated. We need it in our lives. It makes us feel good.

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