Identifying ADHD

Do you think someone you know has Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)?

You need to be careful when trying to assess whether or not a person has ADHD, particularly children. Children generally have short attention spans and only a small number of children have the condition.

The key three criteria that are used to assess whether a person has ADHD are:
– impulsiveness
– overactivity
– difficulty paying attention

Remember that as a parent, relative or friend, it is not your role to diagnose the person. Rather, you should speak to a doctor, child psychologist or child psychiatrist to get an informed diagnosis.

You can look for signs in each criterion:

– can’t wait in line
– interrupts others or intrudes on them
– blurts out answers before the question is finished

– fidgeting with hands and feet, squirming in seats
– climbs about and runs in inappropriate situations
– talks excessively
– is not able to play quietly

– becomes distracted easily
– makes careless mistakes in school work or other work
– doesn’t appear to listen when spoken to directly
– is not good at organising things
– is forgetful in everyday activities


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