Ways to prevent the flu this winter

IT’S the flu season as the sweltering cold winds sweep though Australia.

The flu can bring along depression and the winter blues to many Aussies as they become grounded from work and home with sickness.

Some ways to avoid the flu includes the yearly flu shot which is arguably the best way to reduce the chances of getting flu. You should start this early and get your kids to take their flu shots early also.

It is not too late to organise your flu shot which is sometimes done through work places. Many offices organise staff to have flu shots which of course helps prevent the number of sick days per year to individuals.

Whether or not you got a flu shot, since it isn’t 100% effective, you should also wash your hands often because it can be one of the common ways people catch colds. The bacteria from other peoples hands can get to you very easily especially with a low immune system.

Clean objects that have been played with such as toys and other objects with soap and water. Use disposable tissues to blow your child’s nose and teach your child the cough ettiquette. You should avoid close contact with people when you are sick. Sometimes it is tough to avoid people who are sick but you should limit it as much as possible otherwise the germs will reach you.

Many workers tend to go to work when they’re sick because they don’t want to miss a days’ work or pay if they are part time.

This is terrible for the system. It doesn’t let your energy levels a chance to regain some energy. In turn, it may even make you more sick and it also exposes other work members to viruses.

Rest and sleep are the two main things you should be doing while you have the flu.

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