Whooping Cough Cases Rise

The news is that one of the worlds most contagious and potentially deadly illness is making a comeback.

Whooping cough, also known as Pertussis, is increasingly becoming a problem is Western society, with cases of diagnoses rising in almost all parts of the world.

In America, there has been an almost 50 per cent rise in reported cases in the past two years, and in Australia the trends are also getting worse.

This week there was another case of a young baby dying form the deadly health issue.

The case comes just ten months after the government promised it would launch a social marketing campaign to warn parents of the dangers of whooping cough.

Health experts are now saying all kids should get vaccinated and recommend adults should as well, because the vaccine can wear off over time.

American health expert Barbara Baker has been researching Whooping cough for many years and is now concerned about the growing trends in the world, and the treatment options available.

“No vaccine is 100 percent. But if we can get the majority of people immunized in the community, and kids being the largest group, we can go a long way in preventing it,” she said.

Health officials are now working to come up with a new and improved vaccine, as it appears the previous one is wearing away in our bodies, and our immune systems are no longer benefiting from it they way it once did.

For those of you who are unaware of the symptoms of whooping cough, it starts off like the common cold, but after one or two weeks, severe and sometimes violent coughing bursts begin.

The symptoms usually persist for around six weeks before gradually declining.

Parents should be reminded that the first dose of vaccine could be given as early as six weeks, and that they too should be vaccinated.

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