Life’s a beach

CLEAN air is one of the healthiest things in the world.

A fresh sea breeze from the beach is something that cleanses you in every way.

It is a real buzz and awakening for most who are regular beach goers.

And best of all, it is completely free.

Beaches are the most common place visited on summer holidays.

Why? Well that’s easy. It’s the most exciting; it’s the place to cool down and the place for fun and games.

It is also the place to relax the mind and feel beautiful yet again.

You can relax by reading a book in the sunshine, tip toeing your feet along the sand or hitting the surf.

It’s not for everyone but most beach goers love it.

Many psychiatrists recommend hitting the beach to their patients.

This helps calm their mind and creates a different scenic environment for them to get away from their hectic lifestyle.

Hitting the beach on that holiday is a fantastic getaway. Bali, Fiji and Thailand are Australians most favourite getaways.

They all have excellent features and help relax you after a hectic year.

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