Maintaining personal hygiene

Hygiene does not just relate to making you a more sociable, approachable person, it has serious health consequences too.

Preventing and countering body odour

When we sweat, we produce pheromones, which are chemicals that work to both attract and repel other people. But sweating is not the only cause of body odour, although it is probably the most common. Our bodies try to get rid of wastes (such as alcohol) by excreting them through the skin, and bacteria that sit on the skin can often feed (and smell) on sweat and dead skin cells.

The main way to counter body odour is by showering every day (some people choose to shower twice per day), by applying deodorant to their underarms, and by always wearing clean clothing.

Washing hands regularly to prevent illness

The common cold and bouts of gastro are normally picked up by transferring germs to our mouths via unwashed hands. Remember to clean your wrists and your fingernails when you wash your hands.

The most important times to wash your hands are:
– after using the toilet
– before eating or making food
– after touching a dog or any other animal
– if you have been near someone that has a cold or is coughing

Get rid of bad breath

It is normal to wake up in the morning with mildly bad breath, and the reason for this coming about is that we do not produce saliva while we sleep. But if you have persistent bad breath, you need to see a dentist as you may have a gum, tooth or mouth infection. Don’t rely on chewing gum or mouth spray to cover over the problem. Try to steer clear of onion and garlic, because these can often bring about bad breath.

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