Make your own muesli

MUESLI is tasty but is a great healthy alternative for breakfast or even lunch.

And the healthiest way to have muesli is to make it yourself right from the beginning with just oats.

You can add all types of fruits and nuts to your muesli mix such as apricots, walnuts, sultanas and cashews.

Make a whole lot up so that it is there for you to snack on when you need it rather than opting for chocolate or chips.

The good thing about muesli is that it is tasty and a healthy way to ensure you are living a healthy lifestyle.

With this you just have to add milk, preferably whole milk because it’s doesn’t taste the same with skinny milk despite the latter being better for you.

Or you can add plain yoghurt to the mix with a little honey and that too, is a fantastic tasty alternative.

Many people choose to have muesli for breakfast – such as the swedish bircher muesli.

And some enjoy it for lunch or a snack during the day.

Try some today.

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