Managing diabetes

Living as a diabetic can be a real challenge, and if you are going to get on top of this difficult condition you may need to make some lifestyle adjustments.

If you look at your diet, you should be able to identify some key areas that can be changed to make a really positive difference to your health.

Here are a few general pieces of diabetic diet advice that could make a big difference.

Firstly, reduce the number of snacks you consume each day and ensure you are eating good snacks. Steer clear of chocolate bars, chips and any fast food. Among your best options are unsalted nuts, fresh fruit, dried unsweetened fruit and fresh vegetables. You could occasionally have a bit of dark chocolate if you crave it!

Cut out starchy or white carbohydrates and instead consume wholemeal carbohydrates. For most people the biggest portion of their daily diet comes from breads and cereals, so make sure you are making the right choices here. Stay away from breads with preservatives. Try to get brown rice instead of white rice. Wholemeal pasta can be great as well, just make sure you cook it in the appropriate recipe.

Knock alcohol out of your diet. Avoiding alcohol can have seriously good health benefits, not just for diabetics. If you can’t manage this, make sure you stick to drinking wine instead of cocktails or beer. Red wine should be the drink of choice at restaurants (or just go for water!). Don’t drink too much – one or two glasses should be plenty.

Base your cooking around fruit and vegetables. Not only will they top up your system with vitamins and minerals but they can also be used in a whole heap of tasty recipes. Sometimes you don’t need to completely cook the vegetables; keeping them closer to raw will often mean more vitamins are present.

Finally, drink plenty of water. Your body can’t perform all the functions it needs to without an adequate supply of water. Aim to consume eight glasses of water per day.

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