Men need to stay cool

MEN who work in extremely warm areas or use saunas and hot tubs for relaxation regularly have a low sperm count, therfore making it tougher to obtain pregnancy with their partners.

A study has found men need to  be in cooler areas if they are to engage in a healthy production.

Sperm can also be affected by the toxins or poisons in the air so the right working environment is essential.

If your body is poorly fed and nourished, that too will affect your sex drive and sperm.

Eating the right amount of fruit and vegetables help the cause considerably.

There’s also the obvious rules; limit smoking and drinking alcohol and of course drug use.

All three can do the pregnancy and/or sperm harm in the lead up to conceiving.

Research says alcohol can damage the quality of sperm in its foundation and may even cause impotence.

You should also have regular check ups with your local doctor to ensure that you have no sexually transmitted infections or HIV which ultimately can affect your chances of pregnancy or having a healthy baby.

All of these rules and obligations are just recommendations to help accrue healthy sperm.

There’s also the mental issues of supporting your partner and knowing you’re supported too.

This is beneficial and healthy for the environment that you and others live in.

It will also help when the new born arrives.

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