Do you have the SADs?

THE winter blues can bring on a whole heap of depression and now if you are suffering from this during the change from autumn to winter – you have a condition called the SADs.

This Seasonal affective disorder which is a type of depression that is tied to seasons of the year. It may be the slightest mood change or it may be a severe change of heart which turns into depression.

Only a small number – who are affected by this – see this happen to them during summer.

SADs is most common in young adult women, although it can affect men or women of any age. in the South.

Like all types of depression, SAD can have a devastating effect on a person’s life. Fortunately, almost all people with SAD can be helped with available therapies such as spending at least 30 minutes outside every day; take daily walks; increase the lighting in your house or doing regular exercise.

This can have an even more harsher affect on pregnant women or those fathers that are expecting their first child.

There is a feeling of uncertainty – on top of the change of weather.

When the sun shines during winter, you will most likely notice that you will be more upbeat and have more energy if you are suffering from the SADs. If not, you are most likely suffering a more severe type of depression.

The next day could go back to being a dull old cloudy day and may even be raining or with thunderstorms, and you will feel negative and down about yourself.

The key if indoors is to put extra lighting on to help brighten up the room and your space. Have positive conversations on the phone to your friends and family.

Perhaps even watch a DVD or some TV – preferably something that is going to make you happy.

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