Motivational tools to your summer work-out

IF you are too psyched out to work-out this summer, we’ve got some hot summer tricks for you to try and help you cool down and motivate you at the same time achieve that gorgeous bod.

  1. Adjust your body temperature – go for a cold shower before your work-out. And when I say cold, I mean freezing cold with zero hot water. This will spark you into action and cool you down a level or two. Even just cooling your neck and head with an ice pack can make a difference.
  2. Try a different route for your run – check your map and see if you can find a shadier spot to avoid as much sun as possible. Log onto to find out hourly forecasts and which is the best time for you to run.
  3. Check your heart-rate – make sure you check that you’re not going over the top in the sun with a heart rate monitor. This can also motivate as most have a timer so you can push yourself to different targets by time.
  4. Hit the dirt – try to run on dirt or gravel paths or green lawns as concrete and asphalt tend to radiate heat.
  5. Cool down with oils – Peppermint and eucalyptus oil can help as a motivating tool. A few drops of these before and after your work out can help you also recover quicker.
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