Our seven healthy tips to live by

Our Healthy Tips:

1. Move around More: Make it a personal challenge to move your body a different way each day; whether it is climbing a different set of stairs; taking the dog for a walk or a different route or going for a run yourself but setting the pace longer each day. Research suggests the more active you are, the longer you live.

2. Re-assess your diet: Avoid the obvious fatty foods and limit your takeaway food to a maximum once a week. Daily products such as cheese and milk must be low-fat items and ensure nuts and sandwich meats are eaten in minimal amounts.

3. Quit smoking or drinking large amounts: Give up just one cigarette; the next one! Drinking excessive amounts can also lead to future health problems. Both must be under control if you are to live a healthy life.

4. Reduce stress: This is easier said than done, however reducing stress is firstly indentifying the problem and then brainstorming ways to make that job easier.

5. Protect yourself from pollution: Some people decide to wear masks over their face in asian countries. That would be extreme for Australians but things such as exercising indoors while the air conditioning is on is bad for your lungs. Exercise outdoors when the smog rating is low.

6. Wear your seatbelt: It’s the most under-rated saying that’s still said every day on TV commercials. But wearing your seat belt is statistically saying that there’s more chance you will remain alive in a car crash.

7. Floss or brush your teeth: Recommended three timesĀ a day; most important two are before you go to bed and after breakfast.

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