Overcoming Viruses

Winter is officially upon us in the southern hemisphere and with it comes a wave of cold weather, and colds and virus for all of us to catch.

It will be very common for all of us to catch some sort of illness during the seasons, but how well you deal with them all depends on how each personal reacts their own body.

The most important thing to remember is that the better you look after yourself, the less chance you will have of catching the cold, and the better chance you will have of getting over it faster and more efficiently.

Above all, the single best way to overcome the flu virus is by having the flu vaccine, every year before the cold months kick in.

But if you are one of the many who have not had the luxury, then there are still a number of way s to overcome viruses this winter.

Here are five hints to help you overcome the health problems:

Sleep: I cannot talk about how important sleep is for any sick body. It is the only chance your body has to fully recover and fix itself up.

Take your medication: it is important to continue to take the medication you have been prescribed, even after you start to feel better.

Take plenty of Vitamin C: This supplement will single handedly get you feeling better and allow your body to recover from its drop in immunity.

Drink plenty of fluids: Fluids make it easier for your body to do what it needs to. Water should be your first preference but if need be, then try green tea or fruit drink.

Blow your sinuses: It is good to constantly clear out our sinuses and blow your nose. Removing the bad mucus and snot inside you allows your body to recover easier and faster.

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