Plastic bottles prove dangerous

PLASTIC bottles for babies have been tagged as ‘harmful’ according to British scientists, who believe there is “compelling” evidence that they are linked to such diseases as cancer.

The Times of India report that the USA have already banned these bottles, while the health authorities in countries like Australia and Britain are under pressure to remove it from shelves.

Also, the item is unavailable in France and Canada, reports the Daily Telegraph .

Australia’s Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon has put the responsibility to do away with the BPA bottle on Therapeutic Goods Administration. However, TGA has hinted that the Federal Health department needs to deal with the issue.

It creates a further push towards women to breastfeed and begin this from an early age. 

Meanwhile, Queensland grandmother and anti-BPA in bottles campaigner Nadia Duensing warned that Australia could become the “dumping ground,” while authorities bicker.
There have apparently been increased risks with plastic bottles over the past two years with research suggesting it is linked to breast cancer.

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