Acceptance is the hardest part

WHEN your pregnancy is a surprise or isn’t planned, the toll of changing your life around and to adjust can have a huge influence on your mental state of mind.

The fact is that you probably haven’t accepted the situation you’re in at the moment and that you’re likely to be in a state of shock.

This is completely normal and can be dealt with if you seek some help and guidance not only from family and friends but a counsellor may also need to be selected.

Your life is about to change forever. And will never be the same again – with a little one running around.

So how exactly do you come to terms with this and accept it?

Telling people as early as possible can get it out of the open. The worst thing that you can do is store it up inside of you and not tell many people.

Look at it this way – everyone will know eventually anyway when your baby is born.

But many pregnant women for the first time go through a lot of emotions. Many opt for abortion which is the easy way out for some. Others stay true to their morals and decide to have the baby.

But the first few months are tough. You face nausea, you feel embarressment because you have been knocked up suddenly and you fear for the future.

If you’re not married yet, some cultures don’t believe that this is acceptable and recommend getting married to your partner before having the child.

Today’s day and age suggests that this shouldn’t be forced upon you but some cultures have strong beliefs.

This can add to the fear of telling your close family and friends.

To accept the situation, you must talk about the subject openly; plan how you can work around having a baby in your life now; lift some of the uncertainty that is creeping into your mind. And most of all, talk about it with your partner.

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