Communication the key to a successful pregnancy

MORNING sickness can make pregancy seems like such a negative thing.

The nausea that comes with pregnancy in its early months is something that can be distressing for the female and the male attached.

Waking up every morning feeling like you want to vommit – and then you do – is only the first thing. Then you feel nautious all morning…not really wanting anything for breakfast…feeling as though everything you want to eat, you will throw up anyway.

You feel weak not only physically but also mentally.

It doesn’t still paint a pretty picture of it all.

Then in the afternoon – we all think it’s over with – but it’s not.

The nausea will last for some women all day long. For others, it may only last a couple of hours into the afternoon. It is important to snack on light things. Salada’s are the untold truth. These dry biscuits will help prevent any vomitting concerns throughout the day.

But through all of this it is important for both you and your partner to stay strong. It’s a tough challenge – but you must see it as a milestone – and one that you will get through together. It is important to have a good support network behind you through all of this. Whether it is family, whether it’s close friends or whether it’s the dynamic new world of work – and of course your loving partner.

It is so important to have communication with your  partner through all of this. He is the one whom is responsible for this just as much as you are. You must convey your feelings to him throughout this whole ordeal and don’t shut him out. The first three months of pregnancy are in fact the worst in most cases.

From then on, it will become a celebration of life. And one that you will treasure forever because you have stood the test of time.

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