Expensive time for expecting parents

EXPECTING parents can be often shocked and face a time of uncertainty during pregnancy. And their financial situation may have a lot to do with it.

When it gets to the latter stages of pregnancy, you start looking for all of your baby materials such as a cot, a bassinet, tall boy and everything need for your baby’s comfort and arrival.

You may need to find a bigger or better house for the baby or you may need to buy all the necessary decor that goes with it.

First thing first you should get the baby’s room ready so that from the first day, your baby can feel plenty of comfort and at home.

Cots, tallboys and change tables are generally expensive and you could be looking at around $1000 for the three of them if you’re lucky. That would be the average price because cots alone cost around $300 to $800.

Then there is the car seat or car basket which also adds another $300 onto your expense sheet. And of course you’ve got to get ready for when the baby’s born. So you need clothes, dummies, milk bottles and all the little necessities including nappies from day one.

So how can you afford all of this you might be thinking? Work could be limited and you need help. Well at least their is the baby bonus which is $5000 from the government in Australia and if you have support from your parents, that of course makes things a lot easier.

Baby’s are expensive. And that is why it goes through a lot of expecting mums’ minds if they are making the right decision – particularly if they’re not working and don’t have savings at the time.

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