Male Post Natal Depression

Postnatal depression is widely known, and understood, by the majority of the world.

When a female goes through the process of giving birth and taking care of a newborn, there are many emotions they go through, and one of them is depression.

But, what many people do not understand is that males can go through their own problems during this time as well.

Male postnatal depression might not be as common as the female equivalent, but it definitely exists in society and effects many new fathers in all walks of life.

The main reason for males to go through this stage of depression is due to the fact that they often find it hard to express their emotions and to talk about their problems.

This often leads to a feeling of isolation and eventually can leave men questioning if they are ready to have a child, and even capable of raising it properly.

In some cases, the depression is triggered after the mother goes through her own battle with depression.

In these situations, the father feels that he has so much to cope with and can begin to feel overwhelmed with the situation he has just found himself in.

This depression has been known to lead to a break up of relationships, and the end of marriages.

The general symptoms associate with male postnatal depression includes feelings of isolation and mood swings.

There may also be work related problems, substance abuse, lack of energy, loss of sex drive, difficulty in concentrating, headaches, anxiety attacks, lethargy, stomach pains and loss of motivation in life.

If these symptoms to appear in anyone you know, or yourself personally, it is important you get in touch with someone who can help and to remember that it is very normal to have feelings of depression, especially after becoming a parent.

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