Prenatal depression

PRE-NATAL depression is normal for women who are pregnant.

Most pregnant women will experience some sort of depression while they are pregnant. Some only receive mild depression, but for others it will be more severe.

It depends on the situation but of course unplanned pregnancies are going to include strong emotions such as the shock of it all and the uncertainty surrounding the future.

Identifying the signs early means you are likely to help treat this a lot better than those going on through the pregnancy with no help at all.

You should therefore head to see a counsellor to talk about your problems and what you’re feeling. Even the partner should go along to support and make sure that he understands what his happening to your body and also inĀ  your head.

Unplanned pregnancies can open so many questions. You may be opting for an abortion throughout the process and then think what if..?

So many scenarios will go through your head. You may feel shameful if you come from a cultural background – and if you’re not married and are now pregnant – it can also make you feel shameful to your family.

This is nothing to be ashamed about…but it is very easy to say if you aren’t in that situation.

The first part of prenatal depression that needs to be resolved is your acceptance. Your acceptance that you are about to have a baby; that your whole life will be turned upside down; that your career may change considerably; that you must prepare for the financial burden that a child will have on you; and accept that your relationship with your partner will change – it may even become stronger with a child involved.

How do you find acceptance? It has to come from you within.

Not even a counsellor can wave a magic wand. But what a counsellor will do is help with your stress, anxiety or depression levels.

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