Unexpected fatherhood

IT’S that dreaded feeling that you never thought would happen; your girlfriend or partner telling you that she is pregnant.

The shock will soon kick in and so will the uncertainty surrounding so many things that you looked forward to doing in the short term and the long term.

Everything is now affected whether that be your career, your work, your travel plans, your wedding plans – and anything that you feel that you want to achieve before you reach the stage of having children.

But it must be clear that your emotions are only half of the ones floating around in your partners’ head.

She will be feeling all of the above – plus the fear of physical change to the body. She may even feel shame of this happening depending upon the age she is or what culture she is from.

The best thing you can do is to¬†support her through he fragile state. At the same time, you must also think over the coming months – ways to help support her not only mentally but also financially as you will become – if you’re not already – the main breadwinner.

When pregnant, women’s hormones can become much more energetic meaning that mood swings are more prominent.

This can have a great affect on the relationship because you may see your partner happy for most of the day and then she may have a burst of emotion and tears.

It is also important to stay close during the pregnancy – and having sex is part of this. However, you must respect your partners’ feelings if she is not feeling like it and more than likely sex will become an irregular thing over the coming months.

You must be willing to support her mentally, physically and emotionally as she will need you every step of the way.

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