Sea Sickness

Sea sickness is often the common name for the official helath issue known as motion sickness.

Motion sickness is basically a conflict between your senses. A fluid filled canal in your inner ear that controls your sense of balance tells your brain that your body is moving, while your eyes generelly tells your brain that you are actually not moving.

Therefore, a conflict in senses is achieved and as a result it can cause your body to go out of balance, and it may the cause a few other problems to your body.

Now, motion sickness is fairly common when you are a passenger on a boat (hence the name seas sickness), car, bus, theme park ride, or anything that moves you without you doing anything.

There are many sympyoms to motion sickness, but there are two that stand out above the rest: dizziness and nausea.

The bottom line is that feeling nausea and dizziness is not a great way to enjoy a trip out in a boat, or to deal with a long trip on the road, therefore it is essential to know ways of overcoming the problem.

The best way to combat the issue is to have plenty of rest, as exhasution and weariness often lead to bringing on motion sickness.

It’s also advised not to eat greasy or acidic foods for several hours leading up to a trip as the slow idgesting foods will float around your stomach.

At the same time, however, it is important you eat, as an empty stomach will not help. Foods like fruit, sugars, energy bars and vegetables are fine. It is also advised to drink plenty of water to prevent any problems.

In terms of natural medications, ginger is one option. You can get it in pill form, tablets or powder, or as ginger root in many herb and health food stores.

Some doctors recommend that you can take it 12-24 hours before, as preventing sea sickness is easier than curing it.

Eating peppermint is also believed to help.

Motion sickness is in a way unpreventable, and it is sue to happen at least once in your life.

Remember, if all else fails, look to the horizon and try to breathe easily.


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