Sex on the beach

SUMMER holidays can stimulate people in different ways.

Sex on the beach is not just a cocktail drink to many.

The sun, sand and sex – the three S rule usually rings true for many holiday makers looking for that summer fling.

According to a survey carried out by British mag More, young women on holiday are more sexually active than they are at home with over 80 per cent of those questioned having had a fling with a fellow holiday maker, according to NineMSN.

The survey also found that a third of the 2000 women involved in the survey had slept with at least two men during the same holiday, with one in six having slept with three or more different people.

It was also found that some of these women weren’t single – cheating on husbands.

So where do you find yourself on your summer holiday. Looking to pick up that dream guy or girl? Or enjoying it with your partner?

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